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Fuller Park was originally built by The Now Deceased Reverend & Mrs. Fuller as an Animal Refuge Center & Zoo. it did in fact have a Monkey Cage filled with all sorts of Monkey's & other animals were there as well. From what I understand, the Fullers did in fact live on the property as well.

The Reverend & Mrs. Fuller are in fact buried there on the grounds, just inside the Front Gate. Funny thing about that though, the Monster Bar Fence around The Graves is new, The Evil Looking Posts have always been there with the Giant Chains, but not those cross bars in the pictures.

Anyway, back in the Early 80's, I went to school over at the college & I was a frequent visitor of Fuller Park. I liked the place. I Felt comfortable there. Guess that's why I laugh so much when ever a new Horror Flick comes out.

One night in October, ironically on a Friday The 13th, a bunch of us College Kids had gone to one of the Early Friday 13th/Jason Voorhees Movies & afterwards we all decided to go to Fuller Park for a Fright Fest.

Myself & about 3 other guys were the first to arrive & just as we entered the park & were walking past The Fuller's Graves, Mrs. Fullers Head Stone just fell over all by itself.

Needless to say, we all just about either sh** or pissed in our pants.

I personally walked over and picked her headstone back up and put it back in its rightful place where it belongs.

I can't help but notice now in all the pictures that I see, that her headstone is now laying on its side again.

Strange, Very Strange.

One time we went out there in the daytime, and we found Completely Full, Unopened Coors Beer Cans buried in the dirt in the Monkey Cages from like 1974.

I personally have in fact heard the Monkey Cages Rattle & The Monkey's Screaming on a Clear Quiet Night when the Moon has been full.

I have been back there a few times and fully intend on returning in the near future.

A Local Radio Station here in Dallas is thinking about making a trip out there this Friday, October 27th, 2006 just to see what all the hub-bub is about.

Either that (or) they are going to stay in Dallas & visit the Old Haunted Parkland Hospital where it used to be beside the Scottish Rite Hospital.

My Vote is for Fuller Park.

The "Brick" Fence surrounding Fuller Park is not made of Bricks. The Fence was built using Virgin Rock.


(1) Anybody ever visit Blood Bridge just past & up the road from Fuller Park? It's just an Old Wooden Bridge that was purportedly known to Drip with Blood after something was killed there (Probably The Escaped Monkeys) many years ago.

(2) Just past Blood Bridge & to the Left of it in an Empty Field there is this Old Broken Down Shack, known only as "The House of Blood", where if you go inside it, into the Bathroom, you will see a Very Old Cast Iron Bathtub filled with Blood Stains from years past.

(3) On the main road just past The College on the right if memory serves is the "Half Moon Pool". Now this place is truly special and totally haunted. The Half Moon Pool was the site where a little boy was killed a very long, long time ago, and ever since that day, the pool will not hold water.

If you were to go out there and fill the pool with water, the next day, the water would be gone.

There is not a drain hole, there are no holes in the pool nor are there any cracks in the pool. The Pool refuses to hold water.

Oh Yeah, The Border around The Half Moon Pool?.....Virgin Rock

(4) On The Main Road Past The College on The Left just past The Half Moon Pool a ways, there is this House, Built out of Bricks & Virgin Rocks & in the Front Yard there is a Flower Bed built out of Virgin Rock.

The Flower Bed is in the shape of a Pentagram with a Circle around it.

According To The Legend, (Something I Have Actually Seen Once), every year, the Congregation of The First Baptist Church of Athens, Texas (The Very Same Church that has no record of Reverend Fuller ever being their Pastor), goes to this house and they plant flowers in this Pentagram Flower Bed, and they proceed to water them, and they keep the area Fertilized & they come back every once in a while to tend to the grounds and their seeds and water & Continue to Fertilize the area.

The Flowers Never Grow.....EVER..........

(5) One last thing, just behind the College, behind the Last Dorm in the left corner, there is a creek, that if you cross it, it will lead to what I have always believed to be as The Country Club.

Well, in the corner as you cross over the creek, there is this Barbecue Pit with a Picnic Table & Benches built in front of it. The Pit, The Table & The Benches are all built out of Virgin Rock.

Funny thing about those benches and that picnic table is, that you can't sit on the benches and get your knees underneath the Table.

WHY is that you might be asking yourself?

It's not a Picnic Table & They are not Benches to sit on.

They are Benches to Kneel on & The Table was not made for eating on, it was made to Sacrifice Virgins & other things on. devil.gif

The Barbecue Pit is actually a Sacrificial Oven as well. devil.gif

I personally don't know about the Tunnels, or The Pentagram inside the Loop around Athens, but i do know that Athens once was a Thriving Community of Satan Worshippers.
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